19 September 2018

Armiger Helverins - Imperial Knights – House Hawkshroud

Once I got hold of the new Imperial Knight Codex, I just knew I had to get a couple of them. During this summer I had an extra-long vacation, with time to build and paint them. A very nice set indeed. Here are some pictures taken during assembly.

It is always a little bit tricky achieving the same colours as on models made several years ago (2015). Trying to mach the same colour pallet and markings, I think they blend in with the rest of my knights. I see now that I have forgotten to put on the Heavy Stubbers / Melta Guns when taking these photos (I magnetized all of them).

I have already tried them (one of them) together with my other knights. I think they would do better when they team up, so I will try to reconfigure my list, so I can fit them both into my list.


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  1. How long ago since you ‘finished’ the Knights army? Three years?
    ...and you still managed to hit the exact same shade of yellow for the two “squires” you put together out on the veranda this summer.

    They look awesome running alongside their big brothers, and I’m sure we’ll learn to fear them too, once you properly figure out how they fit in with the rest of the army.


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