23 February 2018

Ultramarines – new Captain and Lieutenant (and upgrading Sergeant’s – again)

As I move forward with 8th edition, I am working on trying to improve my Ultramarines army. 

In a previous post I showed pictures of upgrading two old Sergeant models packing Power Swords with Combi plasma. The goal (of course) was to give them some more hitting power in close combat. I tried them out, but being only S4 with A2, I did not find them very effective. Reading the new Codex (again) I realized that Tactical Sergeants can pack a Chain Sword (for free) together with a Bolt pistol and Bolt gun. I decided to go with that combination. I had a couple of old style Sergeants I decided to upgrade with Combi Plasma, and at the same time decided to gett rid of the banners and to change the heads to match the rest of my army.
My old style Sergeants

Conversions in progress

Exploring variants of HQ options, I decided to build a new Captain. Fortunately I had an old version in my bit box (Black reach), so I decided to work with that one. It had been used as a test model for Army painter’s foundation spray, so I had to clean it before starting to convert it. I decided to go with Combi Plasma and a Power Maul (a lot of work went into this model). 
My new Captain

I have wanted to test how a Lieutenant would work in my list. I decided to use a Sternguard Veteran to represent a Lieutenant. I wanted some bling, but not too much, deciding not to go with the veteran shoulder guards and veteran helmet. Also her I decided to go with Combi Plasma and a Power maul. For the time being I have to use a Power maul from the old Fantasy range. I hope that someone can help me finding a proper version (it is just way to big…). 
My first Lieutenant

Upgraded Sergeants
I am eager to test the new HQ units at an upcoming TSB gaming event, and happy that my ordinary Sergeants now get A3 in close combat.




  1. Three attacks with no AP over two at AP -3...
    I’ve gone with the opposite option, myself, but I’m sure we’ll get to see the two alternates in action - against each other - soon enough.

    Regardless... That’s another fine batch of models!
    I’m looking forward to seeing them on the table.

    1. Thank you!

      Regarding your initial comment; Have you considered that I decided to use the points elsewhere… And that a free attack is better than nothing, and was the whole point in such an exercise?

    2. Nope... I completely missed that point.

      In my defence, though: It's not easy to grasp concepts that complex, when your primary focus is "Death to the False Emperor". ;)

  2. Yup, looking great. Interesting option with the bolt guns and pistols and chainswords, but I get your piont. Nice paint job and conversions - where you excel as always!


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