3 January 2018

Linus' 2017 in review - looking forwards...

Not much done hobby wise last year. May the next be more than a small step forwards.

Lots of Raven Guard models and vehicles are basecoated and air brushed with zenital highlighting, thus waiting for the next painting strokes and completion. 

Then there are all the new and lovely Death Guard models standing idle on the assembly line, not at least the lovelydisgusting Mortarion model, as well as the Mechanicum project I was so eager to kick start a couple of years ago.

So my goals for 2018 are as follows:

  • April: Set up the two hobby stations – one for modelling and painting in our new hobby/home cinema room and the other for airbrushing in the new isolated room in the back of the garage. (See right)
  • Paint and complete some Raven Guard squads.
  • Assemble and paint Mortarion and some addons to the Death Guard.
  • Learn the rules!
  • Get up to date with the Horus Heresy novels series, starting with Angels of Caliban (#38) in a week.
  • Attend all TS gaming events.
  • Arrange one gaming event in Old Pocket Valley.

Good luck and good night...


  1. Oh my... That is a sizeable ToDo-list!

    I see you've already got your hands on both Shrike, Korvydae and Solaq already, and with the Cataphractii Captain and Apostle... excuse me... "Chaplain" from Betrayal at Calth you should have a decent set of leading characters for the Raven Guard.

    Here's to finishing our '1:1 scale terrain projects', and to picking and sticking to a 40K project.

    ...at least for long enough to be able to put a sizeable force of something new on the table.

  2. Sorry for the late reply.

    Great article, Linus.

    I like the structure and your goals; not to over the top, and adjusted to the fact that you are re-building your hose, but still ambitious knowing your level of skill and keen eyes for details.

    Looking forward to gaming with you soon!



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