30 December 2017

The last game in 2017(?)

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My last game anyway.

2000p Ultramarines vs. 2000p Word bearers

We played one of the new scenarios in “Chapter approved 2017”. We rolled off between the two main tables and ended up with “Maelstrom of war”, and then “Race to victory”.

The first player who scores 10 Tactical Objectives scores 3 Victory points, and the game ends.

The Ultramarines lined up, managing to down the Helldrake scoring First blood and 1 Victory point. By turn 2 both players had Line breaker scoring 1 Victory point. The Word bearers was quite lucky with their tactical objectives, the Ultramarines not so. Add to that the dice roll for the Loyalist marines where “Ultra bad”… And through great tactical decisions, the Word bearers managed score 10 Tactical Objectives by the end of turn 2.

Word Bearers 4p - Ultramarines 2p

Chosen for Exterminatus
A fun scenario, and a fun and exiting game. Next time Forbearers – next time.

Wishing all of the members of Team Stormbolter and all who follow us – a happy new year!



Roy's Necrons - Necron Lord

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...and finally, in this intro-series of quick pict-scans, Roy's Necron Lord, with Staff of Light and Resurrection Orb.

27 December 2017

Roy's Necrons - Annihilation Barge

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Again: One completed model heralding more still in progress.

24 December 2017

Roy's Necrons - Tomb Blades

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The first three, anyway...

21 December 2017

Roy's Necrons - Canoptek Scarabs

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Minimum unit ready to go, but there's more on the way...

18 December 2017

Roy's Necrons - Doom Schythe

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The Doom Scythe below is the first completed flyer in the army...

...but there's a Night Scythe with the same colour scheme on its way.

17 December 2017

A pre Christmas game!

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2000p Biel tan against 2000p Ultramarines.

What a game! One of the bloodiest battle – ever!

No – we did not manage to play 5 – 7 game turns; but high quality ones… Both a bit rusty – but we managed to help each other getting it right!

We have compered notes – before making this post. Ultramarines gun line – daunting, enormous firepower and alpha strike. However, the Biel tan held their ground. Far seer, Banshees, Dark reapers and Spiders – retaliated! 7:7.

 Its all new (almost); units to look out fore:

- Banshees
- Warp Spiders
- Dark reapers
- Whirlwind
- Assault Marines
- Heavy Bolters (a lot of them…)
Marry Christmas!

Trond and Ørnulv