2 April 2017

Jørn's Adepticon 2017 picture-dump

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It's been a week... The withdrawal symptoms are a little less acute now.
I guess it's about time I got around to dumping 'a few' pictures...

First, a few random armies ready for the 40K Championship:

...and a few more, in the midst of battle:

Leaving Trond to play in the Champoinship, the rest of us came across a big table in the back of the hall, with a truly epic number of Titans. Stock, converted and scratch-built.

On Thursday, Trond and Ørnulf played in the 40K Friendly while Inger Helene and I played in the Long War Doubles. I didn't get the chance to take any pictures from the former, but we have these from the latter:

As Saturday came around, so too did our 'Main Event'. The 40K Team Tounament kicked off with two great games the from Model Citizens team. Regrettably, this is the only game that day I had the presence of mind to actually take pictures of:

For our first game on Sunday, we had the honour and great pleasure to be invited to play the streamed game on Warhammer TV. Added levels of stress??? Whatever do you mean? It was really nice to be able to have a peek 'behind the curtains' of the show.

The last game of the day ( well as the tournament and the con, actually) was no less fun, though. A gloriously golden Bender-bot Necron army with a really fun bunch of guys rolling the dice.

...and with those, I just want to say thank you to all of our wonderful opponents and to all the other wonderful people we got to get to know - not to forget our friends from previous trips that we got to meet again. We're sure to be coming back to Adepticon again! Maybe next year, maybe in a few... We'll have to see...

For now, we just need to get our painting stations set back up and get on with the next project.