17 March 2017

Ultramarines – Tactical Squad Graviton guns upgrade

My fourth 2017 project done – just a quick one; I wanted to upgrade one of my Tactical Squads with Grav guns.

Here is a new Tactical Sgt with Combigrav and a Tactical Marine with Gravgun that will accompany Tactical Squad V. I will eventually also build a Tactical Marine with a Grav Cannon.

What next? More veterans I guess, or maybe more devastators with heavy long range fire power? Well, I haven’t decided yet.



  1. Is the situation really grave enough that this is necessary? :P

    Nice work, again, though. Are you sure you're not going to add a third company to your Ultramarines? You probably only need a handful of tactical Marines now, with all the extra sergeants and weapon specialists you already have... :D

  2. It is nice to see all the attention you still give to your Ultramarines, and every time I play them I notice so small changes to the army. That is dedication :-)

  3. Very nice work, and yes, your smurfs still gets all your deserved love!


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