9 March 2017

Ultramarines – ancient Drop Pod

During my former ”drop pod race” (finishing a total of 10), I was not happy with two of my builds, hence – I did not finishing them. Going back after finishing 6 new pods, I found that a little patience and wits could recover models initially discarded…

One-drop pod ended up as Inger Helene’s – Black Templars # 5 Crusader Drop Pod. The last one, well – after finishing my army for Adepticon 2017, I typically had to start a new project – salvaging and make use of a discarded mode that fitted with my tournament army.

Bringing a Dreadnought to one of the tournament events, I decided to remove all remnants of a Tactical Marines DropPod, adding bits that would make an appearance of enhanced Shock Absorbers, making use of some etched brass parts – and making it more ancient looking outside – adding bits clearly aligning it with dreadnoughts.

Enough said, this is how it turned out.

Work in progress




  1. Yet another well thought out build, and the usual top notch paint job from Ørn's servitor crypt...

    Using the etched brass plates to cover up that hole in the floor worked out really well!

  2. You've made a cool Dreadnought pod - adding small elements has really turned it into something unique. Looking very good in RL as well!

  3. I really like the changes you made. In hindsight, I should have done the same with Bjørn's drop pod. Cool that you made use of something you was about to throw away


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