7 March 2017

Crimson Fists Captain in Cataphractii Armour revisited

As I was finishing up my Captain, a little while ago, we were talking about the various equipment options available for the army list entry. I had discounted any further upgrades on the assumption that they would increase the model's points-cost beyond the worth of any advantage could be bought. That, and I still had a Land Speeder and a Drop Pod to finish off at the time.

Ørn, who is obviously a more accomplished reader than I am, pointed out that a Storm Shield didn't cost more than five points for this model. That'd give me a 2+/3++ save where any ones rolled while using the invulnerable save could be rerolled. There was nothing else for it... Back into the Bitz Boxes I went, hunting for an Imperial Fists phalanx warder squad shield I thought I'd picked up at some point.

A bit of file work allowed me to glue a random plastic bit in where the gun slot had been. Magnets in the model's wrist and both the sword- and shield-hands allows me to swap between the two equipment options. The pictures reveals a little sloppy works on the lining, so I guess I'll have to go back and see if I can tidy that up a bit in the last few weeks before we're off.

Next... I don't know, actually. I haven't really thought beyond this point until just now. I have plenty more Crimson Fists ready to paint as well as lots of CSM that I can build...

We'll see what I can keep close at hand, now that I'm also starting the long an arduous process of moving house.


PS: Oh, and damn you Forge World for releaseing that new Cataphractii Storm Shields set. I hate you!!! ;)


  1. Looking good Jørn. Ready for incoming fire at Adepticon :) I know by experience how hard he is to finish off. And to PETA, look, no fur ;)

  2. I like it, unconventional outstreched way of holding out the shield, but it works! Nide and dark colours, but the highilighting lifts the model up to a higher level!

  3. Bold pose - stark angels- but it works. Cudos - again - you have really nailed the paint scheme enhancing the models from the Imperial Fists --- uh --- my bad --- The Crimson fists @.)


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