20 March 2017

A thousand things to paint...

After painting up my first 2000 points of Tau, I needed a red break! There where as always a thousand things I wanted to paint, so I decided; Let`s paint some Thousand Sons!

I love these new models, and their tragic background, and I wanted to try out some gold painting with washes and highlights.

I have not decided if this will end up as a complete army or not, but I have now finished a ten-man squad. I want to paint some Exalted Sorcerers to go with this squad.



  1. Fantastic models and a really impressive paint job! So many details. I really like the toned down blue and the dark gold! Keep going - I would love to see a "complete army", if it really is possible to get finished with an army at all :)

  2. Love them! I agree with Linus; please continue the good work, it would be fantastic to face them on the gaming table.


  3. With the recent upgrades to the Thousand Sons miniatures range I've been sorely tempted to pick up a box or two myself, so I'm all for you picking up that torch in stead. :)

    ...especially considering the quality of the paint job on these first ones.


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