24 February 2017

Ultramarines – Devastators (with Graviton Cannons)

My first 2017 project finally done; upgrading my 2. Company Devastators with Grav Cannons.

Almost forgetting how much work goes into hard lining, I was quickly brought back to reality when I started on these guys. I went a bit back and forth when it came to how to paint the Grav Cannons. My choice ended up with me having to re-visit my Bike Squad.

Anyway, the squad is now done. I am looking forward play testing them, and fielding them at the upcoming Adepticon 2017 Team Tournament.



  1. Nice models and great paint job. May they get their job done in Chicago next month!

  2. Oh, I'm sure "Squad Vinimia" will do their job at Adepticon... :)

    Really nice paint-job, once again, Ørn. I know you've been struggling with these for a while now, in-between your 'consulting gigs', but looks like it has paid of.


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