13 February 2017

Crimson Fists Land Speeder

The unit I hinted at being the next one - last time - is taking a little longer to complete than anticipated...

Who would have thought that hitting the same level of wear and tear as with the batch from a couple of years back could prove to be any sort of a challenge?

This Land Speeder hardly took any time at all to complete, however. I built and painted it during the week leading up to our last gaming-weekend at Ørn's place. It's actually taken longer to take a couple of pictures and to type up this little blurb.

We're all taking one along to Adepticon this year, as a cheap and fast no-really-that-threatening objective grabber for our Team Tournament games. Whichever one survives the most games - or any at all - gets a Purity Seal when we get back home! :P



  1. Congrats Jørn, looks awesome! And I do "hate you" for painting it so fast and to so high a standard ;-)


  2. Yup, looks great, love the dark feeling. The colours are crisp and it's a delicate paint job. Adepticon is closing in on you guys and girl!


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