27 February 2017

Crimson Fists Drop Pods

More often than not, there is a significant amount of time to be saved in the long run by building/painting several models at once. If you actually have time enough available to actually take on mre than one at a time, though.

For this year's Adepticon I needed just one more Drop Pod to supplement the four I made two years ago. I have yet another few built and undercoated, but I didn't think I'd have the time to complete more than one so they will have to await their turn in... later this year, hopefully. I may even have to go back over this one again, or perhaps the four from before, then to bring a few detail back into line across the set.

This one, earmarked for the Devastator squad from a few weeks ago, will be joining the first batch as we're starting to pack up for the trip across The Pond. Now, if only that Primer Missions document could drop...



  1. I really like the metal finish –dark and worn, with the “blend” into blue and the stark contrast against the reed. And the picture of all of them from above – really nice finish. I see that one of them, perhaps it is the new one, have some darker areas on the inside of the doors, and is this one of the things you will revisit?

    Anyway – nicely executed. Looking forward to fielding my Ultramarines alongside your Crimson Fists at Adepticon ☺


  2. Dirty and dark, but still some nice shading. Great job! I see that there is some wearing on of the pod's doors that is missing on the others - maybe something to consider later on. Good luck in "Trump land"!


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