1 February 2017

Crimson Fists Captain in Cataphractii Armour

No Space Marine company is ever complete without it's Captain. Before the Rynn's World... 'incident' the Crimson Fists had access to as sizeable an armoury as any other chapter, and who knows what has been stored on various outposts and monasteries throughout the Ultima Segmentum?

It is a well known tactic to have a Cataphractii Captain join a non-Relentless unit with Heavy Weapons to confer his Slow and Purposeful universal special rule. I'm sure most of our regular readers - if we have any of those - realize I'm referring to the Devastator Squad with Grav-cannons that I painted late last year.

Most of you will also have recognised the base model as Captain Aethon from the Betrayal at Calth. I found both the Power Sword and the Storm Bolter in one of my Bitz-boxes, and don't really remember where they're originally from. It's a fair bet I got them off of one of my regular Bitz pushers, though, so I'm sure I can find out if there's a demand for it...

Next up: TIme to fire those retro-burners and bring in the final Transport Vehicle for my Team Tournament army.



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