18 January 2017

Jørn's 2016 in review

More than a little late to the party with this, but I was... away... far away for the end of the year, when I'm usually working on my yearly review post.

For me, 2016 has been a year of divided attentions. While I've mainly been painting Crimson Fists, most of my games last year was with the Khorne Daemonkin. I hope to be able to refocus on the Word Bearers later in 2017, now that the Traitor Legions codex is out.

My attention will remain on the Crimson Fists for the first quarter, though, as Inger Helene, Trond, Ørn and I are taking our loyalist Space Marines to the Team Tournament again this year. Most of us still have at least a little painting to do before then, not to mention play-testing and locking down our lists. I'm sure we'll get it done in time - hopefully with time to spare.

While the finished Crimson Fists last year did take a serious bite out of the number of models I built and base-coated this summer, I still have enough to keep me occupied until Spring. Especially if I'm going to get a few new units for my Word Bearers done too.

Now to catch up on my blog backlog, so I can get back to painting...


PS: I totally forgot to mention that the blog passed 100.000 views between Christmas an New Years. A little over 25K of those are made from USA, while the home crowd takes second place with close to 17K hits from Norwegian users.


  1. Really impressed with what you have accomplished. I think the shading on the blue base colour is spot on and really make each model stand out. Good luck with both your projects and the trip to Chicago!

  2. A nice “mop up” of your hobby achievements and progress during 2016. Again you have a relatively high output, and your modelling and painting skills are of a very high standard indeed.

    I am looking forward to following your future projects, as well as joining you as my battle brother (my Captain – LOL) during the upcoming Team Tournament at Adepticon.


  3. I have to say that you and Ørnulf are an inspiration to us all when it comes to being productive! And my models are standing ready for some Adepticon testing :-)


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