28 October 2016

Tau XV 107

New month and a new Tau battlesuit, this time the XV 107 riptide variant.
This is painted in the same style as the rest of my Tau army, and I have kept the battle damage to a max on this one as well.

On the battle field XV107 is a perfect partner to XV109, as this one is heavy armour and the main weapon has a range of 60" and is perfect for taking down biks and dogs :-)
I have tested this suit in battle some times now and the fire power this one have is very impressive.
With the nova reactor and the invulnerable save it is hard to take down, and can take a lot off damage. And as long as I do not roll a 1 or 2 it might also shoot twice some rounds :-)

Next up is another suit that might hide in the shadows,,,


  1. Very good pant job on what must be at challenging and time consuming model to paint. Fascinating rules! Would love to see it on the battlefield! :)

  2. I'll say it now, before I've met it on the table: That looks frigging cool! Very Tau... Very Macross.

    Love the battle damage look you've achieved on your suits, and looking forward to the Gh[spoiler]el.

  3. More intercept… Heavier armour… I feel the pain already… Very intimidating.
    Very nice paintjob Tom Erik! Love the stark blue contrast to the reds, and the base compliments both and brings it all together.



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