8 October 2016

Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber

It’s been in storage since the week it was put up for sale. Since I recently have been expanding my Dark Eldar and Eldar Corsairs army, it was time to build and paint this gorgeous model.

This model was a joy to build and paint. I decided to attach the Void mine in a cargo-hold position, and of course tried to match the paint job of my other Dark Eldar flyers (and the rest of my Dark Eldar army). I magnetized the weapons so I can tailor the Voidraven Bomber to for fill specific battlefield assignments.

Behold – The Voidraven Bomber!

Voidraven Bomber with Void Lances

A potent array of engines

Voidraven Bomber with Dark Scythes

Voidraven Bomber with Missile-pods

The Voidraven Bomber is a much larger model then its cousin – the Razorwing Jetfighter; witch is only natural taking it´s armament into consideration.

Voidraven Bomber and one of my two Razorwing Jetfighters

What next? I am about to mop up the (fore the time being) last of my Dark Eldar and Eldar Corsairs projects. I hear the cackling and zooming screams from skyboards…



  1. Frightening add on to your already intimidating deldar army! As always following your signature with a sharp and still dark paint scheme. Love it. Great highlighting job and very nice contrasts!

  2. Death from the skies. Fitting nicely in with the rest of the army. Great looking model

  3. Looks great! You have done it again:) Just promise to keep it away from my orks!!

  4. First a second Razorwing, and now this...
    The skies seem less and less friendly, these days. ;)

    You've managed to give the Voidraven as sleek and deadly look as its smaller cousins. I'm sure they'll be the terror of the tabletop this winter, and prompt more than a few anti-air units among our armies.

  5. Really nice model. Something for my DE army too. Great paint job as always Ørnulv, crisp and clean. May your brushes never bristle.


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