22 July 2016

Eldar Corsairs Wraithguard

Playing around with my ”Eldar” – ”Dark Eldar” – Eldar Corsair” concept, I wanted to add a unit that had punch enough to go against some of the more harder and tougher targets.

I decided not to magnetize, and commit them to D-scythes. Of course a Haemonculus have tampered with them and corrupted them a little.

I am looking forward to testing them in battle.

What’s next? I honestly need a break from bone colours and blue metallics. So I guess it is time to revisit my Ultramarines this summer. And on that topic – happy summer holidays everyone




  1. Dark and menacing, like all the "Alldar" army models we'very seen already... I especially like the very glossy helmets! (...or is it just the face plates?)

    Not sure I'm looking forward to seeing them on the tabletop, though. ;)

  2. Yes, those hats really look mean and evil. Great paint job again! Looking forward to getting some D's thrown after me :)


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