19 July 2016

Dark Eldar - Razorwing Jetfighter

My second Razorwing Jetfighter was a somewhat desperate attempt to ad more punch into my army preparing for a tournament several years ago. It never got past receiving a black undercoat. Every time I opened my closet it has been gazing at me…

Recently I have added units to my Dark Eldar army and playing around with new army lists. An obvious fun list is a super fast army; hence it was time to paint it.

Again it proved difficult to achieve the same colour scheme as last time, but I think it is close enough for table view. This one is armed for infantry hunting after it has sent off its deadly missiles, armed with disintegrator cannons and a spliter cannon.

And then they where two




  1. Dark and deadly! Congratulations with the the cleaning out your closet! Nice paint job on a lovely model!

  2. Ah, yes... The bane of my Cultists.
    The relentless barrage of never-ending large blasts makes short work of light infantry, and makes them a threat even for high-value heavy infantry as well.

    I'm guessing we'll have to take another look at our anti-air options after the vacation's done, but I fear the Razorwings will rule the skies for a while.

    The paint-job on the second one looks like it's a good match to the first one, but that's hardly surprising for us who knows how much Ørn agonises over stuff like that.

    Looking forward to seeing them on the table, old boy! I haven't forgotten about that themed scenario we talked about...


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