13 July 2016

Crimson Fists Devastator Centurions

The colour-scheme for the Crimson Fists sure is a different kind of exercise than painting my Word Bearers or Khorne Daemonkin.

There's a lot of fun to be had in feeling my way through painting an unfamiliar colour scheme. It does take time, though.

Anyways... Here they are, the tre 'little brothers' to last month's Venerable Dreadnought.

I do realize, now that I'm looking at the pictures above, that I may need to revisit the chapter and tactical icons on their shoulder pads. They're not quite as blurred-looking in reality, but a little more definition may be in order...

Next? Time to revisit some basic Troops, I think...



  1. Good work, I think they look very nice indeed.

    It is difficult to see if you really need to go over the reds one more time from these pictures. Yes, marines, especially these guys, require a lot of work to get them up to a good table standard (witch is a level you have surpassed). One question; Are your gold a little more red and dark than your other marines? Again, maybe it is the pictures.

    Anyway, good luck on your nest project, looking forward to it!

    1. It's the same recipe that I've used on the previous CF's, so any colour difference is likely an issue with lighting or (rushed) editing. I'm aiming to have a list ready for your September event, but there's a few more models I'll have to finish first...

  2. Good job, looking great on the photos - and most importantly in real life. Impressed by your progression. Must fit in an hour in the evenings...


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