23 June 2016


Time to take back the skies!

Stormwolf gunship.

This party bus, is bristling with weapons. Two twin linked multimeltas, twin linked lascannon, and a twin linked hellfrost cannon. That`s a lot of twin linked. Good for hunting enemy armour and monstrous creatures

With a solid Imperial armour value of 12 all around, it is durable, but no Land Raider.
This party bus can transport up to, say 15 fired up and ready to rock, undergraduates – aka Blood Claws, and their Deacon – Wolf Priest. Since this also is an assault vehicle – well you get the idea...
So this is the first addition to my existing Space Wolf company of Harald Deathwolf.
More to come...


  1. That looks pretty lethal, Trond... Good boy!!! ;)
    You might want to move (or zoom) in a little closer when you take pictures, though. There's rather a lot of 'air' around the model.
    Looking forward to seeing it on the table - next to the one I'm playing on - really soon. Keep the pressure up, and push for that 1750 list! You can do it!

  2. Well, photo class was never my strong side anyway, but point taken. The 1750 list is a bit on hold, but I`ll find a way ;)

  3. Cool looking model Trond, but I dread facing IT on the field :-)

    Are you planning to give It some weathering in line with your pods?

  4. Love the model, great paint job. Good work. Hope you can show how it works some time :)


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