26 May 2016

Eldar Corsairs Windriders (Eldar Jetbikes)

Finally. Obviously I did not kit hem out to look like ordinary Eldar Jetbikes/Windriders. My Eldar are tainted, ore maybe they remember their true inheritage…

Anyway, I used left over ”fins” from my Dark Eldar Reaver bikes, and ”wings” from my Dark Eldar ”Hellions”, to make them more ”spikey”.

I magnetized them in order to field various load outs of guns.

What next? There is something heavy yet neat walking about…




  1. Nice to see another jetbike unit finished, even if it of the filthy Craftworld variety.

    I'm looking forward to seeing the "Need for Speed" concept list on the table soon, even if you do have a few more units left to do before it's ready...

  2. Elegantly painted. Really like that cosmic feel the dark metallic gives the models.

  3. This Eldar army is looking very good and themes good with the rest. This is what I like about them, so much variation. Would love to see a Eldar flying circus😂


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