19 May 2016

Dark Eldar – Reaver Jetbikes

It has been a while since I built and painted “ordinary” Dark Eldar models. I like the idea of “Wyches” on bikes, with access to some cool weapon upgrades as well as combat drugs.

Reaver Jetbike with Splinter rifle and Cluster caltrops

It was a challenge to re-invent my old colour scheme, and my 15 Reavers are in fact 30 models (not counting the bases). I think the “packs” of 5 bikes each looks best with different heights on the stands, so I made each individual.

These speedy gladiators should be able to complement my new army concept; a really fast moving Dark Eldar army.

I have magnetized most of the weapons so I can field each unit with different weapons.

Parting shot.

Reaver Jetbike with Blaster

What next? Maybe some Eldar Corsairs to accompany them(?)




  1. Very nice models - as always - Ørnulv!
    Will we be seeing these on the tables this weekend?

  2. Ugh, this is so cool. Really impressed. Love the colors, the metallic and bone. And the customization is as it should be nowadays, but very impressive anyway.


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