29 May 2016

Tau Stormsurge

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After some slow weeks I finelly got my Tau Stormsurge done, this little battlesuite is my final part of the 1500 std Tau army I am planning on fielding.
I have used the same techniques on this, as my other Tau army, but here the armour plates are much bigger so I think more time to get right, and I am stil not pleased With everything, and might stil change some things.

I went With the big D cannon on this one, it have Shorter range but when I get this one close it is very deadly. Not only does it have 2 D shoots, but it can also bring the mighty stomp :-)
The ability to shoot all weapons twice is also handy if I stand stil for 2 rounds.

Up Next for the Tau is some Riptides and normal suits to be able to field some nice formations.
And there might be a suit hideing somewhere on the table...

26 May 2016

Eldar Corsairs Windriders (Eldar Jetbikes)

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Finally. Obviously I did not kit hem out to look like ordinary Eldar Jetbikes/Windriders. My Eldar are tainted, ore maybe they remember their true inheritage…

Anyway, I used left over ”fins” from my Dark Eldar Reaver bikes, and ”wings” from my Dark Eldar ”Hellions”, to make them more ”spikey”.

I magnetized them in order to field various load outs of guns.

What next? There is something heavy yet neat walking about…



19 May 2016

Dark Eldar – Reaver Jetbikes

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It has been a while since I built and painted “ordinary” Dark Eldar models. I like the idea of “Wyches” on bikes, with access to some cool weapon upgrades as well as combat drugs.

Reaver Jetbike with Splinter rifle and Cluster caltrops

It was a challenge to re-invent my old colour scheme, and my 15 Reavers are in fact 30 models (not counting the bases). I think the “packs” of 5 bikes each looks best with different heights on the stands, so I made each individual.

These speedy gladiators should be able to complement my new army concept; a really fast moving Dark Eldar army.

I have magnetized most of the weapons so I can field each unit with different weapons.

Parting shot.

Reaver Jetbike with Blaster

What next? Maybe some Eldar Corsairs to accompany them(?)