4 April 2016

Tyranid Malanthrope and Mawloc

Inger Helene and I decided to play Tyranids at the friendly doubles tournament in Warhammer world (Nottingham) in April 2016.

It has been a while since I built and painted models for this army; It was great fun when Jørn gave my son, who has participated in painting “our Tyranid army” (since the Battle for Macragge starter set came) a Imperial Armour book containing the Forge World range of Tyranid models.

After evaluating different Forge World units, Inger Helene gave me a grand birthday present, two Malanthropes! It was great fun building and painting them. However, I decided not to go with the stands/bases they where fitted with from Forgeworld, and we build our own. This is how they turned out.


To get the right "team spirit" and "team feeling for the army", Inger Helene built a second Mawloc. She had great fun posing it, and I tried to create a stand/base that gives the impression of the mighty beast breaking its way up from underneath the surface.


After test playing, the only thing remaining to complete our tournament army is to finish some more Troops and Object Markers (and my son has started painting a mighty Tyranid beast of his own…). I will post pictures when they are finished.




  1. It certainly has been... interesting playing against Inger Helene and your combined Tyranid force these last few weeks.

    The two forces combine just as seemlessly as you'd expect, and there's not really many weak points in the T6 3+/2+ Save bulwark you've been presenting on the table.

    Add to that a set of consistently well-built and painted models, including thee three new ones, and I think we're getting pretty close to being ready for the "I am Alpharius" event.

    Good thing too,as it's less than two weeks away...

  2. That Nids army is tough to play against, every part off the army fits togheter, and they are hard. Every one that plays against this army wil have a Big challenge no their hands.

    And love the Mawloc and Malanthrops models, and AS usual painted to a hige standard.

  3. Very solid paint job and as always impressive and creative looking bases! And I must agree with T-E - extremely frightening seeing all those big ones on the other side of the table. Love the Mawlock!

    1. Looking forward to play more Tyranids in Nottingham:) It was fun building the Mavlock and trying something new!


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