10 April 2016

Tau goes to Nottigham

we are only days away from the "Alpharius" event in Nottigham, and my Tau army is almost done.
This a army I started on slowly this winter, and I got very inspiered to get it done for the doubles weekend. The Army wil be a suits army, a small Farsight group that have all the Tau high tec.
For the weekend my main go to suite wil be the XV109

As we will be playing Malestrom missions the troops wil be very importent to take the objectives so there will be some units of Fire Warriors, these guys will bring some back up shooting to the table

And what Tau army would be complete with out Battle suits and Broadsides. There will be 3 Battle suits and 1 Broadside in the 1010 point army.

The playtesting have shown me that I need more markerlights, and some small units of Pathfinders, so finnishing these is the last thing to do before Team Stormbolter takes on Nottingham.


  1. You've really been making good progress on this army over the past few weeks. I really like your dark, gritty, take on the Farsight colour-scheme.

    Can't wait to hit the tables at Warhammer World with you, in just under a week.

  2. Yup, really nice color scheme. The dirty and worn red in nice contrast with the black metal. Very nice blending on the blue symbols. It must fare well in nottinghampton!

  3. Congratulations with a (almost) finished army for our trip to Nottingham! I agree with Linus, I love your take on making them a little torn and worn, but at the same time keep the colours neat and crisp. I am looking forward to seeing them live ☺

    1. Looks great! Looking forward to win the tournament next weekend;)


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