26 February 2016

Dark Eldar – Talos and Cronos Pain Engine – Ørnulvs #1 Dark Eldar project 2016

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I just love these models. Great fun to build, magnetize and create appropriate bases. Of course I had to tie them in to the rest of my Dark Eldar army, trying to be consistent with the colour scheme, and at the same time trying to make them stand out as unique.

The closest resemblance is of course my Grotesques.


Talos with Liquefier gun

Talos with iqor injector

Follow me my children...

Next; time for some arena gladiators :)


19 February 2016

Black Templars - Landraider Redeemer and Assault Terminators with Chaplain

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In order to get my Black Templars army up to 1500p, I decided to build a Landraider Redeemer.

To accompany it I decided to go with Assault Terminators, and of course, a Chaplain in terminator armour.

Next project, Ironclad Dreadnought:)

18 February 2016

I am Alpharius - We're going!

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So... It appears we're going to the recently announced "I am Aplharius" 40K doubles event weekend that's being held at Warhammer World April 16th and 17th. We're sending over a 'Gang of Four' again; Inger Helene, Ørnulv, Tom-Erik and myself.

Tickets and accommodation has all been taken care of, so all that remains is to figure out which armies and models we'll be bringing along. My initial thoughts is that each pair of lists should be able to support and complement each other, while still allowing for the possibilities of differing agendas developing.

The 2 x 1010 points format too is... interesting. It's tempting to just take the Team Tournament lists from Adepticon last year, but I have been painting (and then building!) quite a lot of models since then...

Are any of you readers out there on the Intertubes thinking of going?
(Click the picture above to go to the Warhammer World event page.)