25 October 2015

Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut

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Just a quick update again, this week. I'm still working on the next batch of Bloodletters, so all I have for you today is this Herald on Juggernaut. I suppose it's really just a Bloodcrusher, but until I get around to doing a squad of those it'll do well enough accompanying a unit of Flesh Hounds.

I've spread a liberal amount of heads and helmets from my bitz boxes onto the base, as befitting a favoured soldier of the Blood God.

The Juggernaut has been painted pretty much per the usual colour scheme for my Word Bearers' armour, but I've experimented with Black and Sepia inks from Vallejo in addition to the the usual Red Ink from Citadel Colours. The oxidation/verdigris effect on the brassy pieces is a watery mix of blue and green paints followed by a light dry-brush of 'Brassy Brass' again.

18 October 2015

Bloodletters, first batch

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Nothing too spectacular this week, but there is some progress on the Khorne Daemonkin project.

This week I have managed to finish a squad of Bloodletters. That leaves just one more squad of the Blood God's foot soldiers, as well as some Possessed.

Not quite sure what to do for those, though...


10 October 2015

CSM Bike Squadron, second batch (Architecture of Aggression LV)

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The incentive behind my latest productivity spurt is the Khorne Daemonkin Codex. This is the first book where I've been looking closely at using the new Detachments and Formations structures for building an army. I'm finding that while this will give you extra bonuses to the armies that they´re themed for, it also makes it harder than a normal Combined Arms Detachment to add in units that´s not deemed an integral part of the theme.

Anyway... In order to be able to use the Gorepack formation I needed a few more CSMs on bikes. To make sure I can get as much flexibility as possible out of these, I played around with magnets a bit to enable me to swap out the right arm of four of these with various melta-weapons.

This will give me enough models to field the two CSM Bike Squadrons needed to unlock the one to four packs of Flesh Hounds. It's almost a pity that I only painted up twenty of the mongrels...