6 December 2015

Bloodthirster of... Magnetized Anger?

Sorry I missed my 'regular' timeslot last Sunday. RealLife (tm) kind of got in the way...

I'd like to be able to say I'll do better, going forward, but the Bloodthirster here marks the end of a nearly two-month 'hobby-spurt'. I seems I've run out of 

The kit went together really well! The biggest... 'issue' was deciding which pair of arms to use. I wanted to be able to use all three Bloodthirster-variants - without having to buy three models.

I quickly figured out that the giant axe for the Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage was the most restrictive weapon pose-wise, and used the arms that fit that one. Magnets in the wrists and the various hands allow me to swap between the variants as the mood takes me...

Lots (and lots) of surface texture allowed for a relatively quick drybrush-up-and-shade-down (repeat until happy) technique, allowing me to finish the model over a couple weeks worth of evenings. An old and mangled Space Marine Bike was repurposed for the base, and painted my favourite shade of blue.

With nothing left that's ready to paint, I'll be building kits from my on-sprue-and-in-bag drawer. I suppose I can do the occasional show-and-tell, once I have a handful of built kits.

Until then...



  1. I am so sorry Jørn; this post has gone under my radar!

    Again, very nice posing / modelling, and as always a very strong paint job (and I am honoured that you chose to enhance your base with an Ultramarines bike). Love the “brass / bronze on the weapons, as well as the crisp yet dark wings.

    You better start building something new; looking forward to your next post.


    1. Oh, I've been building! Don't worry about that. :)

      I'm not sure I love how the wings turned out myself. I may go back and redo them when I have the airbrush up and running again, or I may try to add a few layers of glaze to twist the colour a little...

  2. Yup, late comment fraom Rykkinn as well. But the model is really nice - dark and bad (badass). Love the paint job, especially the subtle highligting inside the wings. Nice base ;)


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