8 November 2015

Khorne Daemonkin Possessed (from AoS Blood Warriors)

It's that time of the week again, and quite the special occasion today too...

First off, the five 'Khornate Possessed' pictured above marks the completion of the Khorne Daemonkin army I plan on taking to Ørn's get-together in a complete of weeks. I should probably see about getting a test game or two in before then - provided that Real World demands will allow it.

The other milestone reached today, is that this is the five hundredth article published on the blog. During the seven and a half years (almost) that we've been doing this, you have been able to follow several army projects from their inception to their current state. The 'flow' of articles have always been a little unpredictable... Controlled more by the various team members' hobby progress and inclinations to take pictures and do write-ups than any overarching plan.

It is my hope that for the next five hundred articles, more of us will want to 'step up' onto the soap box, figuratively speaking, and show off their progress as well as share their thoughts.

I'll go pour myself a glass now, and go back to some of the oldest articles to remines... reminec... revisit a few favourite moments.


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  1. Cheers with a good conscience! Absolutely gorgeous! No more words needed. Yes one. Fantastico!


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