22 November 2015

Hunker in the Bunker... November 2015

It's been a while since the last time we've had the pleasure of being invited to Ørn's place for a weekend of gaming, drinking and a big casserole of chilli.

Apart from a couple of test games, this was the first real field test for my new Khorne Daemonkin army.

First game, on Friday, was against Trond's Eldar. I either need some tools specifically designed for killing Wraithknight(s, without dying in the process), or I need to figure out how to take them out with the tolls that I do possess.

On the other table, Inger Helene dropped in on Ørn's Knight Titans.

After breakfast on Saturday, I set up opposite Inger Helene's Black Templars to play Adepticon 2015 Championship primer mission one. After four tense rounds trying to catch up to Inger Helene's early break-away, the cards finally turned in my favour and I was able to secure a two-points victory.

On the other table, Ørn's Knights were fending off Tom-Erik's Eldar army.

A little later, Ørnulv went and got his Imperial Knights. I knew that in a straight Kill-points game, I would have to play the run-away-and-hide game to minimize the inevitable loss. So I insisted we'd roll up a book scenario with objectives, to keep it interesting and give me a fighting chance. I managed to rush his deployed Knights early and keep the pressure up, leaving me in control of two of the three objectives.

Another great weekend in the Eagle's Nest!!!
I'm looking forward to the next one already.

My only regret is not managing to get a game in against the Tyranids no longer played by Ørn...


Coming up: "Tham'pa'xtr'o'let"


  1. We had some great games this weekend, I played Ørns great Knight army and some nids under new ownership, to great games where the Wraithknight and Wraithgaurd did more than enough for this year.
    Thanks to Ørn for some great games, gaming table and food. And that Knight army looks amazing on the table!

  2. I have had a great weekend, and I am already planning a new event:) Unfortunately I played my Knights - wrong this time. But hey, it was fun. Next time it will be gulage ore biff burgond (tired of chilli). Also very happy that my litle spawn loves playing Nids. Last night he was working on a new list, flyers only...


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