15 November 2015

Herald of Khorne, on foot

Another small update for you this weekend...

I have something bigger and time-consuming than the last few weeks on my painting table at the moment... No cookies forguessing what it is, though. It shouldbe pretty obvious.

Anyway; That means the weekly update has to be somehing I've prepared earlier. As far as I know, this is the Herald model from the Throne/Skullcannon kit. I've put it on a 30mm base, as the stance is far, far to wide to een consider fitting on a 25mm one.

Even so, I've had to chop up one of the mutated arms I still have left over from the handful of Possessed kits I've bought overth years to accomodate the model's pose and try to keep it interesting.

By this time, next weeknd, we should all be back from the gaming event at Ørn's place. Hopefully, someone will have some pictures from that for you. ;)


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