1 November 2015

Bloodletters, second batch

Hope everyone's had a good Halloween. Here's that second batch of Bloodletters.

Two squads of eight, and a few spares not pictured here. That should be enough to keep me in shock troops for a while.

Just one one more small squad left, to complete the army I plan to use in a few weeks.

Then perhaps I'll still have time left over to complete a 'stretch goal' or two...



  1. I like them being so dark. Much better and realistic (?) than the screaming bright red one usually see. And just as impressed with your pace and ability to actually achieve your hairy and almost macraggish goals. Looks like vyou plan on beating the master of the five hundred worlds...

  2. "impressive, most impressive". High quality output Jørn, I concurr with Linus. Personally I do not se that I will produce any new models in 2015. Hope my motivation and available time gets better in 2016. So good that you keep posting and motivating all of USAs:)

  3. All of USA?!? :O No pressure there... ;)

    I'm glad you like them. They're not all that fancy. Just an as-you-go process of basecoat, wash and drybrush on the skin, horns/claws/teeth and sword followed by a little detailing.

    As for how long I can keep this up... I've got a few more that I'm working on, but I doubt I'll be able to post much for a while after those are all done...

    By that time, however, there should be a new unit or two done from two or three other team-members, if my guesses are correct regarding who's working on what for the Hunker-in-the-Bunker weekend.

    ...and we can always hope for a report or two from the HitB event itself. :)


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