22 November 2015

Hunker in the Bunker... November 2015

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It's been a while since the last time we've had the pleasure of being invited to Ørn's place for a weekend of gaming, drinking and a big casserole of chilli.

Apart from a couple of test games, this was the first real field test for my new Khorne Daemonkin army.

First game, on Friday, was against Trond's Eldar. I either need some tools specifically designed for killing Wraithknight(s, without dying in the process), or I need to figure out how to take them out with the tolls that I do possess.

On the other table, Inger Helene dropped in on Ørn's Knight Titans.

After breakfast on Saturday, I set up opposite Inger Helene's Black Templars to play Adepticon 2015 Championship primer mission one. After four tense rounds trying to catch up to Inger Helene's early break-away, the cards finally turned in my favour and I was able to secure a two-points victory.

On the other table, Ørn's Knights were fending off Tom-Erik's Eldar army.

A little later, Ørnulv went and got his Imperial Knights. I knew that in a straight Kill-points game, I would have to play the run-away-and-hide game to minimize the inevitable loss. So I insisted we'd roll up a book scenario with objectives, to keep it interesting and give me a fighting chance. I managed to rush his deployed Knights early and keep the pressure up, leaving me in control of two of the three objectives.

Another great weekend in the Eagle's Nest!!!
I'm looking forward to the next one already.

My only regret is not managing to get a game in against the Tyranids no longer played by Ørn...


Coming up: "Tham'pa'xtr'o'let"

15 November 2015

Herald of Khorne, on foot

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Another small update for you this weekend...

I have something bigger and time-consuming than the last few weeks on my painting table at the moment... No cookies forguessing what it is, though. It shouldbe pretty obvious.

Anyway; That means the weekly update has to be somehing I've prepared earlier. As far as I know, this is the Herald model from the Throne/Skullcannon kit. I've put it on a 30mm base, as the stance is far, far to wide to een consider fitting on a 25mm one.

Even so, I've had to chop up one of the mutated arms I still have left over from the handful of Possessed kits I've bought overth years to accomodate the model's pose and try to keep it interesting.

By this time, next weeknd, we should all be back from the gaming event at Ørn's place. Hopefully, someone will have some pictures from that for you. ;)


9 November 2015

Kytan Daemon Engine (from DreamForge Leviathan Crusader)

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A few months ago ForgeWorld presented their new Kytan Daemon Engine, giving those with the Khorne Lord of War kit something worthwhile to use the torso for. A lot of excellent builds of the FW kit, as well as various conversions have since been presented on blogs an forums around the net.

For me, it was an opportunity to dig out one of the two Leviathan Crusader kits I'd acquired from DreamForge's KickStarter campaign last year.

I've left off a lot of the armour plates that's included in the kit to expose more of the mechanical details that would otherwise be obscured. The initial dry-fitting of the armour plates in the model kit quickly showed me that all they added a lot more bulk than I wanted.

I had originally thought I'd use the original torso, but find a beast or daemon head to replace the Crusader's original helmet. In the end, though, I ended up sawing the torso front off again (It was glued on solid!.) to fit the Ogre Kingdoms Longhorn head instead. It took ha handful of pins, some balled-up aluminium foil and a sizeable lump of Green Stuff, but I did get it into a position where the horns didn't end up getting in the way of the shoulder armour plates.

With the basic build done, I dollied up a Knight base, pinned the feet to it and glued all the moveable joints and pistons to lock in a suitable pose. The arms remain moveable and the weapons can still be taken off and replaced - just in case someone at ForgeWorld comes up with other weapon options for the Kytan.

After the pose was finalized, it was time to dive into the bitz-boxes and fit an assortment of symbols and sigils onto the model. I even replaced the gatling cannon barrel with a spare Juggernaut head. I could not find anything large enough to cover the shoulder plates, though, so I ended up taking my very first stab at detailing with plasticard. It took me a couple of nights of cutting strips, fitting and gluing them onto curved surfaces before scraping and sanding them to blend them together.

The paint job doesn't differ too much from what I've done for my Word Bearers. Black primer, heavy drybrush of Warplock Bronze followed by a lighter drybrush of Leadbelcher. The red is the old Red Ink from Citadel Colour, but I'v also treated the metal parts to several other Vallejo inks and washes too.

Next? I have a couple of projects under way already, to enable me to use a few of the formations in the Khorne Daemonkin codex. One's pretty close to completion, so make sure to look both ways before crossing the road...


8 November 2015

Khorne Daemonkin Possessed (from AoS Blood Warriors)

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It's that time of the week again, and quite the special occasion today too...

First off, the five 'Khornate Possessed' pictured above marks the completion of the Khorne Daemonkin army I plan on taking to Ørn's get-together in a complete of weeks. I should probably see about getting a test game or two in before then - provided that Real World demands will allow it.

The other milestone reached today, is that this is the five hundredth article published on the blog. During the seven and a half years (almost) that we've been doing this, you have been able to follow several army projects from their inception to their current state. The 'flow' of articles have always been a little unpredictable... Controlled more by the various team members' hobby progress and inclinations to take pictures and do write-ups than any overarching plan.

It is my hope that for the next five hundred articles, more of us will want to 'step up' onto the soap box, figuratively speaking, and show off their progress as well as share their thoughts.

I'll go pour myself a glass now, and go back to some of the oldest articles to remines... reminec... revisit a few favourite moments.


1 November 2015

Bloodletters, second batch

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Hope everyone's had a good Halloween. Here's that second batch of Bloodletters.

Two squads of eight, and a few spares not pictured here. That should be enough to keep me in shock troops for a while.

Just one one more small squad left, to complete the army I plan to use in a few weeks.

Then perhaps I'll still have time left over to complete a 'stretch goal' or two...