29 September 2015

Random Access Modelling - Ghoul King & Bloodsecrator's ponytail

I'm a bit of an eBayoholic, and as such I have a tendency to accrue the occasional bits and models that I have no immediate or concise plans for. Most often, they end up forgotten in the bottom of some bits box or other.

Yes... I have several...

Sometimes, though, the arrival of a new random bit seems to... 'resonate' with another unrelated piece of plastic. Recovering the old bit will often result in something I like the look of, but have no idea how to use on the tabletop.

Callidus/Culexus for my slow-off-the-ground Traitor Guards, perhaps?


  1. Very interesting model. Fantastic spine! I can see the use as an assassin.

  2. Cool model Jørn, you must find a plague.. I mean place for it!


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