9 August 2015

Imperial Knights – House Hawkshroud

When the first Codex Imperial Knights came out, I was very drawn to the models and the concept. When I discarded my idea of building an Imperial Guard Army, I bought 3 Imperial Knights. But, I never got around to building (or painting) them until I attended the Adepticon event 2015 (where I bought my Forge World Castigator Knight, see separate post). And when the new Codex Imperial Knights came out (about at the same time), well – why not field 4 variants at the same time?

I wanted the models to theme with my Ultramarines, hence I chose a base with "desert look", but the size of the base and models compelled me to add some ruins so that they “told a story”.

A picture of one of the 4 bases before priming

With 3 kits of the ordinary Knights, and the new kit, I decided to magnetize not only the torso and legs, but most of the weapons as well. Thus, I can field several of them in different configurations (I had to build from scratch a second Avenger Gatling Cannon as well as some rocket launchers though).
A picture of the main guns being magnetized

A picture of all the parts after washing (before priming)

Early on I decided that my Knights should come from House Hawkshroud. Why? Because they are famed for being the most Imperium-loyal of the Knightly houses, and always known to aid when called for. Hence, I was inspired “fluff wise”. They are also the only (named) Knight house that incorporate markings and badges from their allies, and that show variety in their Standard and Personal livery. For me, variety was key.

The “Family” from House Hawkshroud that is Oathsworn to my Ultramarines has chosen the Imperial eagle (and Eagle) as their Personal Emblem, and they have inverted the House Livery and Personal Livery on the left shoulder shields. They have also chosen to incorporate the campaign badge shown on my Ultramarines vehicles, and to add the Ultramarines markings (in black) as part of the Personal Livery. I wanted them to look a little torn and worn. 
Sir Philip DeMalvoisin, pilot of the Imperial Knight Errant – the Vengeance

Sir Ralph DeVipont, pilot of the Imperial Knight Paladin – the Accuser

Sir Hugh De Bracy, pilot of the Imperial Knight Warden – the Retribution

Sir Front De Boeuf, pilot of the Imperial Knight Crusader – the Avenger


What next? I have a Zone Mortalis table to finish, plans for expansion of my Dark Eldar Army and my Ultramarines army. One of them I guess…

By the way, the names of the pilots and the knights are themed from to very different ”sagas”. Anyone recognizing them?




  1. This is so very impressive. As usual the paint job, detailing, the whole idea and fluff beheind is just as impressive as actually managing to to this in so little time. Ivanhoe was my favourite. Watched the movie every new years day on swedish television when I was a kid! Had to rely on google to remember names though :)

  2. As if the Castigator wasn't impressive enough, you go ahead and expand to a full Knights army straight away...
    Love the idea to 'borrow' the names of characters from Ivanhoe!

    Can't wait to see these on the tabletop - hopefully pummelling some other poor sod's army into the (devlan) mud. ;)

  3. Love the Knight army, I have been very tempted by this army a long time, so looking forward to see this army in "real" life.
    And I think you went with the best looking colurs, love the yellow and black on these big models, you should paint a Imperial fist army to tag along :-)
    Hope to see these on the table soon, very impressed with how fast these came up painted at a high level and ready to go.


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