23 August 2015

Eldar windriders

With the new Eldar bikes models it was time for me to add som bikes to my Saim-Hann army, and off curse a Farseer on bike.
With the new codex they also have some new options, something called a Scatter laser that along with the Shuriken cannon will give this unit a lot off firepower.
I went with 5 bikes with a Farseer as the first Windriders  unit, 3 Shuriken cannon and 2 Scatter lasers, and with some "guide" from the Farseer this can be a threat to most infantry models.

As Saim-Hann are the Wild Host off the Eldars these bikes will not be the last, I am already working on some more bikes, and some Vypers to add some heavy weapons, that may scratch some Knight armour :-)
There is also a Warlock on bike on my painting table, I discovered in the last game that my Warlock needs to be a bit more mobile.


  1. The ”new” Eldar jetbikes looks so much better then the old once! And they do pack a lot of firepower!!! Your models look very nice indeed; a simple but very effective colour scheme, nicely executed.

    PS! I am currently working on 15 stands fore Eldar Jetbikes myself. Oh, did I say Eldar, oh well, they at least use the same rules…;)

  2. The new Eldar Jetbikes do look a lot sleeker than their now ancient predecessors. They paint up really nicely too, from what I can see.

    I'm a little surprised you're going with a mix of weapons instead of either Shuriken cannons or Scatter lasers for the unit, but what does a simple Mon-Keigh know?

    Looking forward to seeing them on the table, alongside another unit or two...
    ...'cause you're not going to stop at just six, right?

  3. Very nice models and paint job. Of course the fastest units out there should be painted red, almost Alfa or Ferrari Red. I'm not shure if I'm looking forward to seeing (hearing) them on the battle board though. ;)


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