6 August 2015

Cerastus Knight Castigator - House Hawkshroud

During the 2015 Adepticon event in Chicago, one of our team members encountered a Cerastus Knight-Castigator. I thought it was a beautiful model, and knew I just had to get one. The day after, as soon as Forge World opened their sales stand, I bought it.

I started the project in May. I have worked with models from Forge World before, and I have experienced “paying the price” for not “planning ahead “ and “cleaning” the parts properly before undercoating them. This time, I took my time.

As this Knight primarily is going to fight alongside my Ultramarines, I decided to make a base that matches them, adding some ruins in order to accommodate the large base and model.

The model was ok to build, and I pinned extensively. 

I used 100mmX100mm disc magnets connecting the torso and legs. And since there are no weapon options, this was the only magnetising I decided to do.

Now, what colour scheme to choose? Since my Dark Eldar, my Ultramarines and my High Elves have a blue colour scheme, I intended to use a main colour that I have not used before. At the same time, I knew I wanted them to look a bit torn and worn. It was also important that the “house” I chose gave me the “right feeling”. “Oathsworne”, “no request for aid shall be denied”, and their use of markings and badges from their allies attracted me. It had to be – House Hawkshroud!

Behold; Sir Brian De Bois-Guilbert, pilot of the Cerastus Knight-Castigator – the Executor

What next? The Ultramarines have requested further assistance from house Hawkshroud.


  1. From the WIP pictures and previews you've shown us, I was eagerly anticipating the completion of this model.

    You did not disappoint!!!

    From the metal colours on the skeleton to the gold trimmed yellow armour plates, the model radiates nobility.

    This will be a tough act to follow...

  2. Really like what you've done here. The gold shines as it should and the yellow is both crisp and worn. A beautiful FW model beautifully painted. Looking forward to seeing it with my own eyes :)

  3. Thank you so moths for the positive feedback☺ I loved working on this model, and I am sooo looking forward to trying it out.

    Yellow was a challenge. Never done that colour before. I struggled with the battle damage not looking like ”splatter marks”. But, with so many techniques on the net, I am not discouraged from trying it out again.


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