25 May 2015

The Phoenician

Time to post some pictures of the first of The Horus Heresy characters that I have finished. It took a long time, but finally Fulgrim, the Phoenician is done.
This model has been a lot of fun to paint, the details on his amour is fantastic, and I like how his face is showing some of his daemonic side.

Painting a Primarch is not an easy task, and it took me a long time to start this project, it was a bit to frightening to take up the brush and put paint on this big character.

I painted some of his Palatine blades first, to get an idea of what to do with the purple and gold, and found out that I liked the the striking combination of purple mixed with white and the gold on the trims.

I normally do not like the bright colur, but for the Emperors Children I think this fits, and at this time in the heresy, when Fulgrim strikes down Ferrus Manus, they are slowly turning to the pink master - Slaanesh.

Next character to get some paint on him is Calas Typhon, update will follow soon.


  1. The 30K models look very nice indeed, and I like the way you have brought forth the contrasts, and given the Slaanesh feel to the swords. Good work Tom Erik, looking forward to seeing them live and your next post☺

  2. My god, that is a lovely model (I think even Fulgrim would be pleased ;) and very nicely painted! From the shades in his hair to the armour. Your fear is absolutely understandable and something I struggle with myself. Looking forward to Typhon.

  3. A very nice rendition indeed, of our favourite narcissist!
    You've achieved a good balance of purple/gold/white there. The red of the cloak isn't bright enough to draw the eye too much, but still contrasts the rest of the palette sufficiently to exaggerate the motion of the model.

    Looking forward to your next one!


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