16 April 2015

Eldar Corsairs Fire Dragons – Ørnulvs #2 Project 2015

In my previous “Eldar Corsairs” post back in January, I stated: “Time to bring on some heat…”

So, finally, they are done – my Fire Dragons. My progress have been slow because I got involved in a joint venture in order to get our army’s ready for the Team Tournament at Adepticon (lots of fun, se separate posts).

Anyway, as previously stated, my goal is to make my Eldar Corsairs look grim, almost Dark Eldar like, but at the same time with a clear link to the traditional Aspect Warrior colours. For my Fire Dragons I chose to go with a dark reed metallic look in the same painting style as my Dark Eldar (and the Wave Serpents). I chose to go with a dark brownish metal and bone white fore the same reasons.

These Finecast models where very detailed, and actually a pleasure to paint (after green stuffing the small holes that are found on this type of models). Drilling and pinning to the stone bases worked out fine. Always a challenge to hard-line and then using metal washes to blend it all together. Nothing really turns out exactly as I want it to, but I am pretty ok with the result. Anyway, this is how they turned out.
Fire Dragon
Fire Dragon Squad

What next? I hear a low pitch humming. Is something about to materialize out of nothingness?



  1. I really like them. Not bright and shining, but more grim and dark. Great job!

  2. They look great:) I like the colour scheme!

  3. Agreed! Nicely tied to the Dire Avengers' colours, while still obviously a different unit type...

  4. Thank you all fore the positive feedback. It helps me motivate myself for new projects.



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