21 April 2015

Eldar Corsairs Dire Avengers – Ørnulv #4 Project 2015

“I am not certain what they are any longer…” - my statement regarding my last (at least for now) squad-units to go with my Eldar Corsair project.

Actually, I struggled with these models. It is obviously an old kit; lots of mould lines, many parts with pore fit and a pose making them tilt forward. I wanted them to stand tall, and had to use a lot of green stuff, pouches, belts with drapes etc. to close the gaps.

As with the rest of my Eldar Corsairs models, I wanted to tie them in with my Dark Eldar.  How to go about that? First of all I must admit that I have always felt that the Dire Avenger helmets are a little to “lofty” and bulky for my taste. They are ok, but not my favourite so to speak. Hence, I wanted something different, telling the story of Aspect Warriors “going bad”. What better way then using Dark Eldar “heads”... Also I used equipment belts from their darker keen to help fill the hip gaps mentioned above.

Again I wanted to keep them in line with the original Aspect Colours, but at the same time keep them in coherency with the my Dark Eldar ant the Wave Serpents. I went with dark blue metallic colours, dark brown red metallic, dark grey/black and the bone white used on the rest of my Eldar Corsairs. The faces are the same as my Dark Eldar.

This is how they turned out:
Dire Avenger

Dire Avenger Squads

What next? A Lord leading them into battle!



  1. They look great! And a little bit mean....;)

  2. More than just a little bit, methinks...
    The Dark Eldar heads on the Dire Avenger bodies really communicate that these guys (and girls) may have been led just a little bit off the Path after they started fraternizing with their dark cousins.

  3. Fantastic. Their 'story' is totally on show. Definitely dire avengers, definitely corsairs, definitely gone darkside.

  4. Love these models! The idea to ide the Dark Eldar heads is so good! They looks much more part of the Dark Eldar and corsair part of your army. I think this is a great way to do proper allies.


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