9 March 2015

Space Wolves - Adepticon 2015

*** +++ *** +++ *** 
Logan had gathered his company commanders and battle leaders in one of the great halls of Fenris. As always, someone where missing out, on missions in the name of Russ and the Emperor.

A scribe entered the hall, moving silently towards Logan. He bowed and handed over a datasleet. Logan studied the message; he handed it over to Njal and demanded attention! The room fell silent. “Brothers, we have been called to aid our battle brothers of the Ultramarines, Crimson fist and the Black Templars”! A commotion started in the room, insults were uttered and Ragnar started laughing. 

Bjorn took a step forward and again the room fell silent. Njal and Logan looked at each other. Harald, this task is yours. Ragnar drew his breath as if to speak out, but was cut short by Logan. Even though this requires drop pod deployment, we recognize the use of Harald and his wolves as a key element in this mission. “Muster your force and be ready to launch as soon as possible”. 

The old wolf looked back at Logan, he grinned and revealed his canine teeth. “I will make sure that this will be a saga to remember”!

*** +++ *** +++ ***

As I am sure you all have understood by now, my Adepticon 2015 Space Wolves army is now finished.


  1. It has been quite a journey, following the many ”concepts” that you have considered during especially the last six months.

    I salute your final choice of units! You wanted the army to represent the essence of the Space Wolves, and in my humble opinion, this list does just that.

    A cool looking army, that forms a strong base fore further development, should you choose to pursue the ”mon-keigh”.



  2. Very impressed! Glad you made it in time! Love the wolves. Very cool army indeed! Hope I will be fortunate to meet them in a grim, but not too far future.

  3. Well done! It does feel good to have the complete army lined up in front of you, doesn't it? The packs looks really cool, and is sure to provide a solid core to expand upon...

    ...but that's not really a matter for discussion for at least a couple of weeks. Now we'll finally get to play with our new toys!!!

  4. Thank you guys! It has been a long hard experience. A lot more work than anticipated at first. But under the watchfull eye of Ørnulv, new techniques, at least to me, an eye for detail, and a lot of help - Thank you Ørnulv! Not to forget that I was invited almost every day for weeks, to painting sessions and dinner, so Cecca deserves a big thank you as well.

  5. They look very nice:) Looking forward to teaming up with them in a few days!


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