18 February 2015

Transport tiles – Adepticon 2015

As mentioned in an earlier post, 4 of the TSB members are travelling to Chicago in March – attending “Adepticon 2015”. Upon leaving the Adepticon event in 2014, we decided to field four Space Marines chapters, and I took the job making bases for all the models so the forces would be “coherent”.

We also wanted to bring “transport tables” for a better presentation of our forces, and that would make it easer to manoeuvre around during the event. We decided not to use wood boards ore sand, since we will have to bring them in our suitcases. At the same time we needed sturdy tiles.

It was a project that fell onto me. I suggested the GW Realm of battle table extension sets. We found that the 2 X 2 tiles where to large for an ordinary suitcase, so Jørn brought forth he’s electric saw… (cutting of one tile edge 6")

After filing and sanding the edge of the tiles, I washed them thoroughly (including using mineral spirits), and base coated them with GW Chaos Black Spray. I retrieved some dark brown paint from earlier table projects, and painted the tiles.
I then started dry brushing the stone eras using VGC Stone grey.
The tiles where dry brushed with VGC Desert yellow, then VGC Pale sand. The skulls where dry brushed VGC Pale Sand and again using a mix of VGC Pale Sand and VGC White. The tiles where then washed with my “goup mix” (resembling a dark version of VCA Burnt Umber) thinned in water and mixed with PVA glue. Finally, the tiles where given a solid coat of GW Satin Warnish (Purity seal). This is how they turned out.
What next? Something for our troops to home in on…




  1. Sterling work, as always, Ørn!
    Good thing don't have any projects of your own you'd like to crack on with... ;)(Lining Elsar armour plates is sooo much fun, though.)

    1. Thanks Jørn, both fore the positive feedback, prompted payment and of course – helping me (us) out with cutting them to size☺

      Currently working on something for us to ”home in on”, but after that, I at least get one day to attend my Eldar Corsairs before I am back in the ”servitor modus”… But it is all lots of fun in the end☺

  2. They look great! Thank you for making them for us:)!!

    1. My pleasure Inger Helene, always a joy helping someone whom themselves contribute to the greater good to such an extent☺

  3. Can't wait to display my army on those tiles. Very nice Indeed.


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