30 January 2015

Black Templars army – complete

Finally:) It was decided, on our final day at Adepticon 2014, to field a Space Marines army in 2015. 4 Generals – four army’s. I opted for the Black Templars, an army I have always admired, both the painting scheme and the fluff.

My 1000p army consists of 3 Crusader Squads (two Melta and one Plasma squad), and one Sternguard (Sword Brethren) squad - all in Drop Pods. As my general I chose to go with a Chaplain (of course). Finally, a Thunder Fire Cannon for some serious ump!

I am looking forward to fielding them in battle.

This is how my army turned out:
Crusader Squad with Drop Pod

Stearnguard Veterans with Drop Pod

Thunder Fire Cannon and my Chaplain

The whole army

What next? I hear the roar of engines…


  1. The army looks fantastic on the table Inger Helene – congratulations!

  2. Tnx:) And thank you very much for all the help you gave me with my models Ørnulv! Couldn't have done it without your help!:)

  3. An impressively cool and thematic task force you've got there Inger Helene! Congratulations!!!

    While you have had a bit of coaching from our 'Chaplain', there's absolutely no doubt where the ownership of this army lies. I am looking forward to seeing your 'Aproned Crusaders' both across the table as well as alongside my own soon-to-be-finished Space Marines force.


  4. Lovely army, beautiful! Love the black and white paint scheme. Hoping to see them on the battlefield this year!

  5. Nice. Looking forward to team up at adepticon😄 you have done a great job


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