30 January 2015

Black Templars army – complete

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Finally:) It was decided, on our final day at Adepticon 2014, to field a Space Marines army in 2015. 4 Generals – four army’s. I opted for the Black Templars, an army I have always admired, both the painting scheme and the fluff.

My 1000p army consists of 3 Crusader Squads (two Melta and one Plasma squad), and one Sternguard (Sword Brethren) squad - all in Drop Pods. As my general I chose to go with a Chaplain (of course). Finally, a Thunder Fire Cannon for some serious ump!

I am looking forward to fielding them in battle.

This is how my army turned out:
Crusader Squad with Drop Pod

Stearnguard Veterans with Drop Pod

Thunder Fire Cannon and my Chaplain

The whole army

What next? I hear the roar of engines…

6 January 2015

Eldar Corsairs Wave Serpents - Ørnulvs #1 Project 2015

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Adepticon 2014; Trond and myself faced an Eldar Wave serpent list. We where shot to peace’s by the end of turn 3! Of course Trond have fielded Wave serpents fore a long time now, and with great success during the last edition of the Eldar Codex, but the experience at Adepticon really opened my eyes to the awesome potential of the Wave serpent. And then the new Dark Eldar Codex arrived. With the Raiders getting more expensive, and the Wyches loosing Haywire grenades, it dawned on my to join my Dark Eldar with Eldar. After all, they are the same kin…  

Having decided not to create an Astra Militarum army after all, I returned all bought models, and received in return enough Eldar models to create an ally for my Dark Eldar.

Now - how to paint them? How to make the appearance of a joint force, distinctive – jet coherent? Since the Craft Worlds are so distinct with rigid colour schemes, and the Aspect warriors so individually vibrant, I had to get around it all to keep everything gloomy and dark as would befit my Dark Eldar army.  Eldar going bad, why not? Eldar Corsairs - done!

I wanted to make the models reflect that they “have gone bad”. Hence I started modifying the original design, adding lots of Dark Eldar bits to them.

A large skull was added to the rear end door, a large bladevane added below the hull together with skulls on each side.

Underneath the front section bladevanes where added, missiles used to make a jagged appearance inside the u-shaped front, and spears with skulls added to the hull front, and barbed wire with skulls added to both sides.

It was time to paint them. I decided to paint all the parts separate, gluing the model together once finished with the paint job.
Work in progress, weapons, turrets and the rear section of the hull

Work in progress, the bottom of the hull and the upper section of the hull
Behold – a Corsair Wave Serpent showing the “rectangular” version of the markings used by my Dark Eldar Cabal.

Front view

Rear view

Each Wave serpent has two gun options, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers or Bright Lance.

Turret with Twin Linked Bright Lance

All three of them

The model is of an older design, and very “wobbly” since the base rod is so tiny compered to the size of the model. I will have to make a new stand for them at some point.

What next? Time to bring on some heat…