14 December 2014

BJ Brush Cleaner

Not a very exiting post, but hopefully useful.

It works – it works – it does not work; It can be used to - dry brush something! Familiar with this feeling?

A while ago, I noticed a ”brush care” video at the ”Awesome Paintjob” channel. I have over 20 brushes at any given time, and although I try to maintain them well, I am still experiencing ”split ends” and ”rugged dry brush bristles".

My Kolinsky brushes costs between 50 -100 NOK each. "Bad bristles" does not only make the paintjob more difficult, but makes it costly as well.

So I thought it was a god idea to try out this product. A mug with hot water, some patience while rubbing the brush against my palm – and suddenly – they bristles where all smoth and to a point again.

I recommend this product,



  1. Innavl great experience with this brush cleaner myser! Great product!

  2. Altså autokorrektur I have :)

  3. Way to steal the show, Linus! :D

    Cool article, Ørn! ...especially two day after I gave my own 'unsaveables' to my girls - and bought some new ones.
    How about a few words on where the rest of us can get ahold of the product too, though?

  4. http://www.amazon.com/General-Company-Masters-Cleaner-Preserver/dp/B001TNR7VM


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