10 May 2014

Small april update.

So a late and small update for April.
April was a crazy work month, So no big progress was made, but I got some work done.

The gaurdians colur scheme was planed and I painted the first 6, a simple and fast colur scheme was importent for me here. There will be about 30 gaurdians, so no plan to go into big details on them, So no white helmets :-)
A lot off Saim Hann gaurdians have black helmets, So this was my inspiration.

I also got some work done on my wraith knight, stil a lot off details left on him.
Not sure what to do with the gun, should I go black, red or somthing different? Any ideas?

For this month I need to finnish the knight and get some more Guardians done, was hoping to get started on my first wave serpent to.

And I need to play some game! Anyone up for some Eldar testing?

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  1. Both late and small is better still effort than what I've been able to make lately.I have started back in on my first batch of guardsmen though, and should at least be able to put those on the table soon.

    Looks like you're well under way here, though I hope you'll reconsider the helmets. ;) White is a lot more striking colour...


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