3 May 2014

Shrine of the Aquila – blown into pieces!

I have to very large (and tall) terrain features; Shrine of the Aquila and Rafenereum. It has been suggested, for the ease of normal gaming, that I should make a structure that is more "open and easy” to use in smaller games.

I am currently thinking about how to build a "Zone Mortalis" gaming table. As I investigated my "bit box" I picked out all the bits that I would definitely not use and came up with this ruin:
The ruin in its place on one of the gaming tables.


  1. Very nice indeed, open and with enough space to move around. Like the rusty colours. There is of course a serious amount of rubble on the ground floor, but probably not too much for the comfort of the toy soldiers that will occupy the building game after game... Lovely :)

  2. Loving it!
    Especially the way you've managed to cover the ground floor with rubble while still keeping the surface relatively flat and playable.
    Looking forward to having my boy-scouts... err... cultists camping out there.

  3. This board looks amazing noe, hope to have some pointy ears on this table soon. I think these tables needs a cityfight weekend :-)


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