7 May 2014

Hobby progress - WIP

So, here's a little update from the workbench in Bryn. No points progression in April, but some progress so far in May, and maybe some of these models will be ready for the tabletop in a not far future. One thing learned: Green stuff and the right tools is essential!

I have a lot of ideas when it comes to painting, but I would really appreciate what you think I should do with these four stars, maybe the furry gang in the back as well...

Lord of Change/Daemon Prince:
My idea is not that flower power painting scheme we see too much of, but rather a dark, still tzeentchish feel. My plan is to have some really striking highlight and contrasting colors, but the model in general is going to be dark.

This little grand old man is going more in the lines of the GW style, dark black, grey and some light variations. Hopefully I will manage to get this one some nice highlighting and contrasts as well.

Kairos Fateweaver:
Dark blue, some dark purple and the necessary highlights/striking contrasts.

Herald of Khorne on juggernaut:
Dark, dark blood red, maybe brownish black juggernaut highlighted with light red, orange to make it pop. The herald is going from dark brown to highlight. It's important for me that there is a clear distinction between rider and steed.

Any thoughts and ideas highly appreciated! :)



  1. Anyone else hear the faraway circus music coming in on the wind? ;-)

    Really looking forward to seeing what you can pull off with these, Linus! There's certainly plenty of room for playing around with different techniques here...

    You'll be using an airbrush to base coat, right? Think about doing colour-transitions on a long neck or the arms on the Lord of Change, or a vertically split two-colour scheme on Fateweaver. (Blue/White? Blue/Pink (think Horrors).

    I'd use lots of metallics on the Juggernaut to give him a mechanical feel contrasting with the Herald's organic. That should keep them distinct whil allowing you to use a similar palette. Keep in mind, though, that you may want to do a mounted unit for him at a later date...

    Enough food-for-thought for now? I'm going to go clear the kids' clutter from my painting spot!

  2. Not much of a progress really, but we'll see if I can find the warp speed button...
    Thanks for your ideas Jørn. Yeah, the metallic jugg is a good idea! Unsure about the Fatey though... Too much of a circus artist with that vertical color transition? But I certainly see were you're going - he has got two heads and is a master of change...
    Yes, I will use my airbrush as much as I can...
    You shouldn't fear the circus, hopefully I will have some more foot soldiers ready in not too many weeks (by september...), ready to make the core of my lists, but maybe I will try something circus like sometime... And then there is 7th and that new psychic phase lurking in the horizon...


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