15 April 2014

Ultramarines Makeover part 16 – Calgar, Desticado and the Honour Guard

I started working on this, the final batch of my Ultramarines that needed a makeover, in March. My progress was interrupted by preparation for the Adepticon event in Chicago, ending up with me pushing the old Drop Pods through the servitor painting line….

Well, at least I have now been able to finish the last of my models, and this is how they turned out:
My alter ego – Chaplain Desticado in Terminator Armour
Marneus Calgar in all his majestic glory...
…together with the Honour Guard

What next? I hear the roar of engines…



  1. Congratulations! They really look awsome, love the details, the shading on the cloaks, the deep red, everything. Really like how you managed to make them both colorful and striking and at the same time not totally cartoonish. Fantastic makeover!

  2. Finally! :D
    Papa Smurf himself is done, along with his entourage
    ...and Gargamel? ;)

    The dirty/gritty effect seems seems less obvious on these models than the previous ones, but I guess that's because there's al lot more 'going on' on them than on the predominantly blue ones we've seen earlier.

    Looking forward to seeing them in person during the upcoming game weekend.

  3. Thanks guys☺

    It was fun doing these models, but hard work, since I had to cut away the metal stands. I ham fairly happy with how they turned out, and glad that the ”makeover” process has come to an end.

    Jørn; You are spot on – they look a little neater then the regular troopers since there are so much more gold trims etc.

  4. Looking really good. These models stand out from the rest. Nice job. Hope that my fresh out of the box space puppies can at least look deasent standing next to their battle brothers in blue


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