19 April 2014

Ultramarines Bike Squad

I have never really cared for the concept of Space marines on bikes (Harleys…). But Jørn has fielded Chaos bikes against me with success several times, and studying the models and rules over – a decade – they have grown on me.

When visiting Jørn, seeking assistance when pulling my Warhound Scout Titan of its original base, Jørn gave me some old Space marine bikes (a Chaplain, Attack Bike and 5 Bikers) he had kept on to over the years. THX Jørn!

I bought an extra set enabling me to field a "full unit". The old models given to me had to receive a makeover (old style back packs, helmets etc), so I pretty much stripped them down refitting old parts to bring them in line with the current outfit.

What king of weapons to kit them out with? Well, I do like the concept of Grav Guns, but ordinary troops are acquired to “stand still” for the full effect. Being relentless etc, these guys can bring the output to full effect. Hence, 2 Grav Guns and the Sgt with Combi-Grav. It took some time to build and paint these models, since they consist of both the marine (Ultramarine) and the bike. But it was fun building and painting some new stuff after having being focusing on giving the rest of my Ultramarines a “makeover”.

Enough said, this is how they turned out:
The Sgt
Sgt and he’s unit
The whole squad
Stay on target!

What next? I hear a high pitch scream and the sound of wings….



  1. So... This is some kind of response to the five bikes I tossed together from bits I'd chanced upon here and there?


    Great looking models, as always! Good thing we're always using plenty of Area Terrain when we play...

  2. Superb! Probably the missing link in your army... See you on saturday!

  3. Not looking forward to deal with spacemarine bikes with grav guns. Nice models, the paint job is awsome. Finaly you can movee around the table like proper warriors do ;)


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